Expansion Visa Form for Multinationals

Expansion Visa Form for Multinationals

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    Advantages of having an approved Blanket petition:

  • The Immigration Officer evaluating the entry in the US of your employee will immediately see in your documentation that you have been approved as a US multinational for immigration purposes. Your employees will be questioned only concerning their job description in the US and their personal admissibility (example: if they have a criminal record).

  • Transferred employees can work for any of your companies or subsidiaries in the US without the need of filing a new petition every time they are transferred to another division and/or company in the US.

  • Qualifying employees can be transferred to the U.S. from any company you own anywhere in the world.

  • An 80% reduction in paperwork translates into substantial savings in the time and effort required to process the petitions.

  • The pre-qualification of your company translates into greatly accelerated approval times; Reduced filing expenses.

  • Foreign employees may apply directly at the US Consulate in their home country.

  • Blankets can be easily amended to add new companies and subsidiaries as you acquire them.

  • Advantages for key employees being transferred

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