Treaty Investor

Treaty Investors

Over the years, the United States has signed bilateral treaties with a number of countries around the globe. Today, over 75 countries have treaties in place with the US. These treaties allow for Treaty investor visas, among other things. As such, citizens from over 75 countries can become Treaty investors in the US by investing a minimum US $ 100,000 in a US- based business or company. 

This type of visa is tailor-made for small investors , small businesses and franchises. Furthermore, the US especially values this type of visa as it results in investment and job creation for the American economy.

NAIA was instrumental in obtaining treaty investor US work visas for treaty country’s citizens (and their families) who invested in a business, a company or a startup in the US.

Advantages for Treaty Investors :


  • Direct access to the US market with the same rights and privileges as the other US businesses and companies;
  • Treaty investors obtain a work visa for up to 5 years that can be renewed as long as the applicant’s business remains operational with employees;
  • The treaty investor’s spouse can obtain US employment authorization so he/she can legally work in the US and obtain,  permanent residency (green card)
  • US social security number including all associated benefits.
  • Children (under 21) also can attend school and won’t have to pay the international student’s fees.


Admissibility requirements for Treaty investors:

As such, to qualify for this work visa, the Treaty investors must invest a substantial amount of capital (minimum US $100,000) and have a controlling share in the investment for their future US business or company.

It DOES NOT MEAN the applicant MUST buy a business or company. It could very well be a start-up.


Canada is a dream destination for discerning investors and entrepreneurs who are looking for new and plentiful opportunities. With one of the world’s most skilled labour force, and a safe, secure and stable environment that favours success, Canada offers one of the best destinations to open, buy or operate a business. Its proximity to the United States and the vast array of commercial accords between the two countries give businesses a unique set of tools that allows them to tap into the whole North American markets. As of today, individuals from over 160 countries are eligible to invest in Canada and benefit from the Investor Program of his choosing.

The Canadian Immigration system, in coordination with that of each province, put forward a variety of programs that allow business investors and entrepreneurs to obtain a Canadian permanent residency through their investment. Each program has their own Investor/Entrepreneur visa and the requirements vary according to the destination.

All destinations also have Skills Immigration programs (Skilled workers / specialized labour) so you can take your key employees with you to Canada! Your key employees will be eligible for Permanent Residence, under certain conditions.


Ontario is the beating business heart of Canada and establishing a business is both easy and very profitable. As the most populous province of Canada, Ontario enjoys vibrant city centers such as Toronto and Ottawa. Strategically located at the junction of the American North East (New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington etc.)  and the Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Cleveland), Toronto is the perfect place to establish a business that will radiate trough the North American continent.

Ontario Entrepreneur Stream program:

Established under the umbrella of Ontario’s Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP), the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream program is for entrepreneurs from outside Canada who are interested in starting a new business or buying an existing business in Ontario. Under this program, a foreign entrepreneur (and up to one foreign national business partner) will have the opportunity to be nominated for permanent residence once their business is established in Ontario.

To qualify, the projected business must be an active for-profit, permanent business with premises in Ontario. Project-based, seasonal or illegal businesses are not eligible to participate in the program.

Requirements :

  • Have a minimum personal net worth of :
    • Within the Greater Toronto Area (City of Toronto, Durham, Halton, York and Peel regions) you must have a minimum personal net worth of CAD$800,000;
    • Outside the Greater Toronto Area, you must have a minimum personal net worth of CAD$400,000;
  • Make a minimum investment in your business of:
    • Within the Greater Toronto Area (City of Toronto, Durham, Halton, York and Peel regions) you must make a minimum personal investment of CAD$600,000;
    • Outside the Greater Toronto Area, you must make a minimum personal investment of CAD$200,000

Note : Passive investments, including mutual and/or pooled fund securities, while permissible for the purpose of satisfying the minimum personal net worth criterion, are ineligible for inclusion in an applicant’s minimum business investment amount.


As the only Canadian province on the Pacific Coast, British Columbia holds many advantages for investors and entrepreneurs looking to run a business. Access to the Pacific Coast of the USA, as well as to the Asian market via the Pacific, British Columbia is a diverse, vibrant and growing market where businesses shine through the whole North American continent.

Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category Program (Temporarily suspended)

The government of British Columbia has created a program for entrepreneurs and investors alike who are ready to invest in and actively manage a valid business in the province. You may qualify for our Entrepreneur Immigration – Base Category. Here is an overview of the requirements.

To qualify, you must :

  • Have a personal net worth of at least CAD$600,000;
  • Demonstrate business and/or management experience;
  • Have, or be eligible, for legal immigration status in Canada;
  • Establish an eligible new business or purchase and improve an existing business;
  • Make an eligible personal investment of at least CAD$200,000 in the business;
  • Create at least one full-time job for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the business;

British Columbia has also created a program named Entrepreneur Immigration – Regional Pilot, destined to investors and entrepreneurs who wish to establish a new business in a regional community outside of a major population centre of British Columbia. In counterpart to not being able to establish yourself in a major population centre, the financial requirements are half of those of the Base Category program. To be eligible for this program, you must obtain a community referral from the community you’re looking to join.


Quebec is the only French speaking province of Canada and, in consequence, it’s a stepping-stone to North America for francophone entrepreneurs and businesses across the world. Whether you’re looking for natural landscapes brimming with natural resources or competitive, bustling cities, Quebec has it all. Often hailed as one of the best cities to live in in the world, Montreal is home to thousands of immigrants from all walks of life. Montreal is open for business and is the perfect place to install your or your employee’s family.

Entrepreneur Program (Temporarily suspended)

Quebec offers an accelerated path to the Permanent Residence for entrepreneurs who want to create or acquire a business in the province. In order to qualify, Quebec offers 2 paths (streams) :

Stream 1:

To qualify :

  • You must settle in Québec to create or acquire and operate a business.
  • You must have a minimum net worth of CAD $900,000, alone or with your spouse or de facto spouse, and you must demonstrate that this money has been legally acquired.
  • You must present your project in the form of a business plan.
  • If you choose to create a business, you must own and control at least 25% of its equity capital. If you choose to acquire a business, you must own and control at least 51% of its equity capital.
  • Your business must have been in operation during the five years prior to your date of application;

Stream 2:

To qualify :

  • You must settle in Québec to create and operate a business for which you have already received a service offer from a business accelerator or incubator or a university entrepreneurship center. You can carry out your project alone or with others, up to a maximum of three other foreign nationals who have submitted applications for permanent selection as entrepreneurs for the same project.
  • You must present your business project in the form of a business plan, as well as a service offer.

Investor Program (Temporarily suspended)

Quebec offers an accelerated path to the Permanent Residence for investors bringing their investment in the province.

To qualify, you must :

  • have, alone or with your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse, legally acquired net assets of at least C$2,000,000, excluding any amounts received by donation less than six months before your application is submitted;
  • have management experience for at least two years in the five years preceding the application for selection. This experience must include duties related to the planning, management and control of financial, human or material resources under your authority. This does not include experience acquired in an apprenticeship, training or specialization leading to a diploma;
  • intend to settle in Québec;
  • sign an investment agreement with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) authorized to participate in the Investor Program;
  • make a five-year term investment of C$1,200,000 with Investissement Québec – Immigrants Investisseurs Inc.;


Landing in a new country can sometimes be stressful and demanding. At NAIA, we fully understand the challenges you might have to face once in the US and we are able to assist you and your family every step of the way. Our ”welcoming team” is specially trained to facilitate everything for you, from housing requirements to school admissions in order to make your transition as seamless as possible.

Let us facilitate the integration of your family in their new homeland by assisting you and your family with all your personal needs, so you can feel at home in the United States.



  • Rent or buy a home anywhere in the target country
  • Enrollment into Schools and Universities
  • Insurance (healthcare, home and vehicles)
  • Banking (credit cards and loans)
  • Accounting (for preparation of their annual tax returns)
  • Recommendations pertaining to what they must do when leaving their home country make the transition as seamless as possible
  • Social security, Driver’s license
  • Moving procedures

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