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NAIA is a turnkey immigration service. As such, we have assembled a team of multidisciplinary professionals to answer all of your business needs when considering an international play or hiring internationally. By bringing together business immigration attorneys, international fiscality and asset protection experts as well as business consultants, we are positioning ourselves to be your ideal growth partners.

Whether you’re expanding your business through or into North America, or you’re buying an existing company, we have a plan that suits your needs. Our team of professionals will lay down a comprehensive immigration plan for your company and your team to have a seamless transition into their new market. Whether you’re moving the whole company or just some of its key players, NAIA has solutions for you.

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Our Expertise

NAIA is a true turnkey experience for all your business immigration and international recruitment needs.

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    investor visa
    Buying a business or opening a new one in the US or Canada entitles you to special rights and privileges allowing you to move into the country, with your family, to supervise the company. NAIA is the ideal partner to help you navigate these complex waters. If you’ve already assembled a team, you can bring it with you to face the challenges of your new market head on.
  • 02.
    Expansion visa
    Thinking of staking your claim to the North American markets? From the inception of your expansion business plan, setting down the legal framework of your immigration to the welcoming of your team in their new digs, we’ll be there for you every step of the way. It’s never too early to start building your Internal Expansion plan, since businesses small and large are eligible for expansion into North American.
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    Franchise Industry
    Franchises are a perfect vehicle for immigration. If you’re seeking to move to North America, purchasing a franchised establishment could be the key to your immigration process, and your integration to your new home’s economy. With tried and true business models, franchises help streamline the process when petitioning for E or L visas. Plus, franchised establishment have a much larger rate of success after 5 years than independent businesses.
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    International Workforce
    Our recruitment and candidate vetting services will lift a weight off your HR department, by allowing them to navigate the international potential recruit pool just as easily as they would local candidates. Every candidate we present to your HR department has been vetted to ensure that they are a true fit for the position. Thanks to our rigorous candidate selection process, only quality candidates that fit the requirements for the job are presented to the employer and their hiring department.We are positioned to recruit candidates worldwide, in the markets of your choice.

Our Process

Intelligent Immigration

Anyone who’s ever dealt with immigration knows it’s a very task-heavy business. Collecting data, filling forms, drafting type-letters, those are all daily tasks of immigration professionals. By training our AI to take some of the load off, it allows us to provide more, for less.

Made by Lawyers

“AI? Will I be dealing with a machine?” We’re techy, but don’t worry your files aren’t processed by AI alone! Our team of lawyers supervises every step of the operation and reviews every completed files before they’re sent out. Our lawyers’ signature guarantees excellence.

Unlimited Support

Moving internationally is a big deal. We at NAIA know that the experience of immigration is fraught with questions and worries. To keep our clients at ease, NAIA offers unlimited support to answer all your questions. Call as many times as you need, it’s on us.

No surcharges

We’re lawyers who… don’t bill like lawyers. At NAIA you won’t find outrageous hourly rates, surprise monster bills and endless semi-justifiable surcharges. The price we quote you at the very beginning of your file never changes. That’s our commitment.

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